Decisions, Decisions: 10-24mm zoom or 14mm prime

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Here are some points of thought
  • The zoom is certainly more versatile.
  • The prime is a stop brighter.
  • At 14mm and f4, they both probably have similar IQ. In fact, I'd put money on this with the exception that the zoom is likely to exhibit more lateral CA.
  • The zoom has an image stabilizer.
  • If I had the zoom, I probably wouldn't use it very often wider than 14mm due to the fact that I find the extreme stretching into the corners bothersome with ultra-wide lenses.
  • The prime is a lot smaller.
  • The prime has that nice manual focus feature.
  • The prime has the same filter size as the kit zoom, allowing me to carry only one set of polarizer and ND filters.
  • The 18-55mm and 14mm share the same hood, so I only need to pack one.
  • The zoom has 72mm filter threads. I have no other XF lenses with this filter size.
  • They both have very nice construction (of course).
  • Neither is weather sealed.
  • The minimum focus distance for the zoom is 24cm.
  • The minimum focus distance for the prime is 18cm.

BTW, the diagonal angle of view for the 14mm is 90.8°, not 89°.

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