Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

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Re: Sharpness is not everything! But it sure doesn't hurt.

Cigarguy wrote:

Russell Evans wrote:

Cigarguy wrote:

Therefore I learned to stop down between F5.6-F11 and to shoot with a tripod. As I grew older and was able to afford better lenses and better equipment this habit carried over.

Unfortunately a tripod is not welcomed in a lot of places. Then there is that most of what I want to capture are life events where setting up and taking down a tripod is simply not possible due to time constraints, or simply not done in order to not to be an inconvenience to the people I am with. It's not habit or lack of habit, it is that I'm not going out to shoot alone the majority of the time I'm shooting.

Sure I see your point but a super sharp lens will not take away from any of that.

Using a larger aperture will and having that larger aperture be as sharp as possible is where the meat of the argument is. SR helps of coarse. A sharp lens also means better AF as the AF system is just as dependent on the lens as the sensor output. If you want go a step further and get into the artistic ramifications, is it illogical to say it is easier to compose a photo when you can see the detail in the scene through the viewfinder clearer? Easier when the light isn't all that good? Where does having a sharper lens do harm?

Thank you

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