Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

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Re: Mirrorless Spanked at 2014 World Press Photo Comp.

pew pew wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

A near total wipeout for Mirrorless. How is that possible when they are (allegedly) taking over the photographic world now?

Mirrorless cameras arent even a rounding error in this world wide press photography competition.

Are you really that impressed with the result ?

A total wipe out?  Yes, I am very impressed.

You can be sure that the mirrorless crowd would be crowing here BIG time if the mirrorless cameras made a respectable showing instead of being mopped up over the floor.

Most pros use FF cameras, how many FF mirrorless are there?

How many dlsrs cameras exists and how many mirrorless cameras exist ?

Its kinda obvious the majority of the cameras that entered the contest are dlsrs. But the op needs self assurance that dlsr is still king, Happy?

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