NX1 rumours - for what it's worth...

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Re: NX1 rumours - for what it's worth...Well ttbek I for one............................

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Lets get some more rumours in here ^_^.


Pay attention to the comments as well.

I still don't think it will run Android though, and my reasoning here is not entirely baseless.

I could see it running on android iknow the galaxy camera has not been well taken but I am beginning to see that that is the way to go for future cameras and I have read a lot of posts by people on here saying that samsung needs a game changer and if they get it right it will be a game changer. As for the pro market would this not be good for reportage photographer's? Upload your pics straight to an editor as it happens.

The thing is, using Android will be detrimental the performance of the camera (I know some here might argue otherwise, but this is a statement I'll stand buy) and Tizen is just as capable for uploading pics straight to an editor. Samsung has been making a push to get Tizen out on phones, TVs, and cameras for a reason. Of course it is possible they may change course if Tizen is flopping too heavily in the phone market (due perhaps to things like lacking an app library like Android's, though despite there being a lot of apps, it doesn't feel to me like there are very many good ones out there for any phone yet). I don't think there is a way to get Android right on a camera without rewriting most of the OS. Maybe I'm wrong though.

Hope that you are right, in your summation of Samsung NOT using Android ass an OS on their cameras. I have both the NX 300, (Tizen OS), and the Galaxy NX, (Android OS). The OS of the NX 300 win hands down. The Android system, despit having a bigger battery, cannot last as long as the NX 300.

It really isn't Android, inherently, that consumes the battery. As many other devices with much greater demands tends to prove out (cameras + 4G cellular + Wifi + Bluetooth + 8 core CPU + hardcore 3D games + tons of apps running in tandem + etc.).

The culprit here was a total lack of adaptive customization of UI for this device. Tizen would do the very same thing if it were the fully open 'desktop' configuration, too, I have no doubt. Instead, Samsung crafted a simple menu system (that I don't care for vs. older NX cameras, myself, not intuitive at all IMO) so the OS wasn't tripping over itself and draining the resources.

With a proper camera UI that stopped all resource draw while in that mode and a smidge of optimization for the NX, I have no doubt Android could have easily handled that system.

The Galaxy NX, although doing an excellent job in the IQ of its captures, is a power hungry beast. With judicious use of what is runningf on the cameras, I can get a full days shhoting out of the NX 300.

Which is about what I'd get out of my NX300 if I were shooting a lot. Several review of the NX claimed battery life was excellent. If I had a phone (iOS or any other OS) with a 20MP full mirrorless APS-C camera attached I would be totally floored if it lasted a full day of heavy use. Even my Galaxy S4 doesn't do that.

This is of course, with turning it off when not in use for a while. But with the Galaxy NX, I couold only get around 4 hours use, and a lot less photos than the NX 300 took, before I got the warning of a low battery.

It seems to me Samsung needs to release some kind of patch or update to limit the draw of resources. Have you run any kind of battery monitor app?

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