That 56/1.2 is tempting...

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Re: That 56/1.2 is tempting...

Rservello wrote:

marco1974 wrote:

but OTOH, the 60/2.4 is already so darn nice!

Wide open, high contrast scene, and yet super-sharp and with virtually no fringing (LoCA):

And super-smooth bokeh even stopped down (at f/5.6 here):

As good as it may be, I honestly don't think the 56 can be any better - 'just' two stops faster...

Mmmmh... decisions, decisions...


I don't really see a point to an f1.2...I guess on an APS-C sensor it would be closer in DOF to a f1.4 and being cropped wouldn't have the awful vignetting you would get with a ff 1.2. But honestly, the speed you get is offset by much too narrow DOF for most situations.

I have same opinion. I think for almost anything the 1.2  is just too much on this format. You will ultimately make eyes sharp and nose blurred. It is nice to have on paper but in reality it is not that useful.

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