That 56/1.2 is tempting...

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Re: That 56/1.2 is tempting...

marco1974 wrote:

"The thing here is that it is still a 56mm, not an 85mm or a 105mm.
The 56mm is an extremely bright lens, but it is still a "normal" focal lenght.
The "atmosphere" created by a lens like a Nikon 85mm F1.4D is, for instance, far more pronounced.
Don't get me wrong, this is not a criticism to the lens, which I'm sure will receive high praise on reviews, Mtf and user reports. What I'm saying is that this is a great lens but it doesn't have the usual rendering a proper 75-85mm can produce. And there's no way out, it is something related to it's real focal lenght."

Oh dear! This nonsense again!

He too (like many others) does not understand that what defines a lens is the Field of View (FoV), NOT the Focal Length (FL) per se.

To prove this point, of course, it is sufficient to note that "a proper 75-85mm" is only a 'normal' lens on a 645 medium format camera (FoV ~45º), and the same lens is an ULTRA-WIDE ANGLE (FoV ~ 80º) on 4x5"!


Yes. The important thing is distance to subject. The focal length just adjusts the FOV so you get the framing you want.

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