Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

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Re: Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

GregOB wrote:

Great thread!!! I feel much better already!!!

I'm glad to hear that!

Peeping got me to a Canon 6D, of which I have no regrets. I shoot often in indoor low light and can't use flash and the 6D is an excellent choice (I won't debate that there are other excellent choices - please accept that I acknowledge the 6D isn't the only camera in its price range that can do this).

don't worry, we're all friends here!

One thing I realized, as noted earlier in this thread, is the light makes a huge difference. Good light seems to lead to cleaner photos regardless of sensor size and bad light is only overcome (and even then only to an extent) by full frame or larger sensor cameras.

yes, I agree, light is the key. That's why I decided it's time to start learning flash photography. Given the lack of light I'm suffering from, I decided that available light photography can't be my only creed

Again, thank you for this thread

you're welcome!

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