Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

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Re: Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

stevo23 wrote:

On weekend it's more or less always bad weather or I'm busy repairing something in the house or similar.

Ah - I get it.

Not that I miss the times where I wasn't a dad with a loan to pay surfing on the French coast, but my life has changed a little

I'm slowly equipping myself to create a sort of studio so I can at least do some macro work in the basement in the few minutes of free time I have. Though I have a huge backlog of images I never looked at and that I would like to upload on flickr first (a bit of CC and shoulder patting is always good for the ego )

I'm just sayin - if you can afford it, the FE35 is a nice improvement over the Ultron 40. I enjoyed the 40 a lot and have made some memorable images with it, but I'm liking the little Sonnar even more.

hey, I just got the Ultron!

Did you buy mine? I just shipped it off to Princeton New Jersey. It's a very high resolving lens, I was very pleased with it. The FE35 just kind of rendered it unnecessary.

no no, I'm in Europe

But yes, they are very close lenses. The 35 is just somewhat too short for me. Though since I want *at least* one FF AF lens for the A7, I don't have much choice (55 is not an option, as I have a Minolta 58mm F1.2 and a Hexanon 57mm F1.2 and I'm taking them both with me to the grave!).

But the FE35 is in the works, so to say (I'm waiting to be send by my company somewhere in Asia or a kind colleague who can grab it for me there for a more reasonable price )


It would be if my boss didn't leave me behind for a trip to Singapore... For now I'm gonna get have to make do with some cheese from a colleague flying to Italy...

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