7-14mm for travel?

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Re: 7-14mm for travel?

zilver wrote:

I've been interested in wide angle lately but never really tried shots wider than 12mm (24mm FOV) with the 12-35mm.

The review seems to agree that the Pana 7-14mm F4 is a very good wide angle zoom.

I'm going to the mountains and thinking I want to explore wider lens, just need to ask that if I take only one lens can the 7-14 be a walk around lens for landscape and family shots, can I at least take nice shots of family member with background of the view at long end of the zoom or it's not really practical?


I have not read all replies, but I have done exactly that, using the 7-14 as a walkaround and I love it. On a really nice trip I might hide the 45mm f1.8 in a jacket pocket just in case. Yes 7mm is very wide, but 14mm is perfectly okay for family shots. I find the 14mm of the 7-14 much better then the 14mm f2.5. I also use my 20mm as a walkaround, but for mountains I would choose the 7-14!

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