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Re: Who is at fault for the waxy skin tones?

Daniel Lauring wrote:

Graham Hill wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

The difference is hardly "sledgehammer." I have both cameras and did many tests. It is a noticeable difference when crossing over from ISO 3200 to ISO 6400 but hardly "sledgehammer."

Having said that, would I like it to be less? Yes. However, I'd also like my d__n Nikon D800 PDAF focus system to not require tweaking for every lens and every focal length. I'd like it's live view to actually focus as reliably as an $80 point and shoot. I wanted my D600's metering to not get so darn confused everytime a bright object entered the frame. I want my darn RX1 to focus at all sometimes. I want my RX1 to understand what slowsynch means and to not blowout photos with it's flash. I want my Olympus EM1 to not sharpen the cr_p out of every darn thing making shadow recovery that much more difficult.

Lots of straw men there that have nothing to do with Fujifilm's muffed JPEG engine. Irrelevant.

Very relevant because you can't buy your ideal camera unless you are really lucky so you buy the camera which works best for you. Sometimes you need more than one for different situations. The X-E2 works better for me than the X-E1. Heck, at the conditions that I'd be shooting at ISO 6400 the X-E1 would frustrate me with missed focus much more often than would the X-E2.

I understand your point but it is meaningless to our discussion as you noted earlier: Fujifilm did NOT have to add the increased noise reduction to the X-E2's jpegs.

P.S. What was gained was much faster and more reliable focus. Much faster response time in general. No, Fuji didn't have to change the jpeg engine the way they did

Which is it? You just said the compromise was faster autofocus and now you are saying that it didnt need to be made. This is nothing but pure spin to protect Fujifilm from the consequences of their decision to blast images with noise reduction.

The compromise between the two cameras is better auto focus and faster performance vs. more jpeg noise reduction at ISO 6400. I'll take door number 1.

But it's not a compromise that is needed as the RAW files clearly show.  The sensor CAN capture the right skin tones.  Fujifilm bludgeons away the detail with noise reduction.

Yeah, I get it. We all do. Fuji didn't have to increase the noise reduction at ISO 6400. Many wish they didn't. But, for me it isn't a show stopper. If it is for you fine. Do not buy the camera.

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