why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

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Why give up a back seat and trunk to have a pickup bed?

Draw any other comparison you want - it comes down to the fact that they are two different tools, available to you, to be chosen for your needs.  Whichever will work best for your needs, that's the one you get.  If you find BOTH have a real function in your life, then assuming you can afford to, you have BOTH types of camera.  Just as some people may own a truck or sport utility vehicle for one purpose, and a sedan for another.  There are things an OVF does better, and things it doesn't...and vice versa.  Just as there are things a truck can do better than a car, and vice versa.  There's a lot of crossover between them too - many things that a car or truck can do equally well...just like EVFs and OVFs.

I personally do not miss an OVF...because I have one.  And I enjoy EVF just fine, because I have one of those too.  I bought into the NEX line because it fulfilled the goal I set for it: have a second body which is much smaller and lighter than my DSLR, that can stand in for it when I want to travel lighter, or ride along as a lightweight second body with a different focal length - and do so without losing image quality and having the same large sensor and lens interchangeability for maximum flexibility.  I very much prefer viewfinders to LCD screens, so I accept that an EVF is the only solution that can be used with a mirrorless camera that can achieve a through-the-lens view...so while I have certain reasons I love OVFs and prefer them for some types of shooting, I fully accept EVF as a viable second solution, and have since learned that it has a few advantages compared to OVFs, and a few disadvantages I already expected.  I've easily learned to adapt to each one, and use them interchangeably.

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