Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

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Re: Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

Ian Leach wrote:

After reading all the replies to this post I can see why some of my posts don’t gel with many here. Sharpness may not be everything but for me it outweighs all the others. With modern software you can get pretty much any look you like and fix many of the common lens issues, but you can’t fix soft images or edges. I want to start with a sharp image and decide what to do from there.

I haven't yet been able to add the sharpness I thought a shot needed in post to satisfy me.  But contrast, correct white balance and many lens corrections work well.  Flair is another hard one to fix in post as are non symmetric distortions.  So if a lens controls flair well, has easy to correct distortions, delivers pleasing bokeh and is very sharp I'm satisfied.  When I read a lens review I'm looking to those four things I'd say.  My main lenses that I've kept over the years have these four characteristics.


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