Spending more on glass, less on body - thoughts?

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Re: Spending more on glass, less on body - thoughts?

techiecool wrote:

So I really hadn't considered the e-mount/NEX line until at the camera shop yesterday. They guy mentioned it could be a happy medium. So i looked at the a6000 and it looks interesting but i can't wait until May for a camera.

the requirements are pretty simple - good low light for shooting the baby (no flash), portability, and stabilized video (don't like it jittery).

One thought late (before pulling the trigger on the OMD e-m10) was to buy the nex-3n with a prime. that would give me a kit lens + good prime. later when the a6000 body price drop i can add one. i've read that the 3n isn't great in low light. does the prime make that different? and how about video?

if not i'll go w the e-m10.

Hard choice, since low-light is one of the main problems for me as well.

Oly e-m10 has smaller sensor, so you will be in a disadvantage on start already, remember we are looking at high ISO's here. For my apartment indoors I constantly shoot at ISO3200. How will e-m10 perform at ISO3200? Probably not that good. Fast lenses are equally expensive in both formats. Moreover Nex-3N with 16mm or 20mm or Sigma 30mm are very compact and smaller than most m43 cameras. So it's not easy to choose right camera and right lens.

I personally would go for Nex-3N with 16-50 kit (at $289 at Walmart) and one good fast prime like 35mm f1.8 or 50mm f1.8 (too long for indoors) or sigma 30mm f2.8 or Sony 20mm f2.8 (very compact). I also like that built-in flash in Nex-3N that can be used in bounce mode tilted toward ceiling - that gives very natural light and eliminates need for faster prime indoors - very good for baby shooting IMHO.

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