why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

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Re: why give up OVF with MirrorLess camera like Nex

My gears

Nex F3 with these 4 lens - sel1855, sel16mm28, sel50mm18, sel55210

CanonT3i - with 55-250mm, tamron 17-55mm F28

I do use and Love my Nex F3, but ONLY thing I miss in Nex is the OVF.

I even tried Nex6 with EVF, but wasnt happy with EVF, as it is electronic and cant be Optical view finder

so I use T3i when I miss OVF

I want to make sure am I the only one or others feel way using Mirror less?

Lot of folks seem to love Nex6, 7, A7, A7R and dont miss the OVF?

I entered the digital world late (winter 2003) but when I did, I welcomed many of the advances it promised, and EVF is one of those.

OVF was fine on my SLR before it, bigger. Being FF camera whereas digital brought about APSc as the mainstream option and in that case the OVF shrunk too.

So, for over ten years now, I have not cared for, or missed, OVF but have seen EVF technology steadily improve while bring in their benefits. Last night I was shooting at a studio using my NEX-6 (and E35) with couple of friends with their FF DSLRs using remote trigger. Now in that case I could not take advantage of EVF that I normally would since I had to turn settings effect off. But that was it. In the process, I had to evaluate my exposure settings just like they were, trial and error. So, nothing lost. I still had the benefit of focus magnify and focus peaking thru the EVF.

Under continuous lighting, I wouldn't need to resort to that trial and error mode either as setting effects would be on.

I also like having 100% coverage, overlays (always have all grid lines on), usually have histogram on EVf and Level indicator on LCD (wish Sony would combine those together or provide an option to).

Never mind that OVF will require a mirror to flip in (for focus, metering and for OVF) and flip out to capture image. And requires its own space to operate. And don't forget, on SLTs, a mirror is there but still EVF which allows the camera to meter and focus anytime the sensor is ready for it and AF perfomance is unchanged with LCD use which is a huge plus.

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