Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

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Re: Photography vs console video games: The better long term investment?

OldSchoolNewSchool wrote:

If you are looking at photography/photographic equipment strictly as an investment, then it really isn't a good investment unless it's used to make your living, or exceeds (or perhaps meets) the returns of other investments, as in investing in rare equipment that is likely to go up in value.

If you are buying the equipment, using it frequently, and it provides entertainment/satisfaction in where it takes you and the images you're getting, then it is a good "investment" -- just don't expect to sell the equipment for a profit down the road.

If you would otherwise be paying someone to take photos for you, then buying and using your own gear can earn some money back in a sense. I can be very generous to my wife's and my own spending on photography gear and justify it by claiming that we've have spent even more hiring a photographer to constantly document our lives.

Of course, if I compare to what I've spent on automotive tools and how much I've saved over the years doing my own work, then the photography spending really starts to look ridiculous. But at least I can prove a "profit." It's also something I enjoy doing and as a result of getting so involved in some sections of the automotive world, I also made a good chunk of money buying and selling used parts further putting me in the black.

However, it all looks ridiculous in comparison to the money I saved and the health gains that were the result of my riding a $350 bike to work for five years, allowing my wife and I to only own and insure a single car throughout that period. In gas alone, it was thousands of dollars. Of course, I blew a big chunk of that savings on my replacement commuter bike

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