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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Waxy skin samples

helmus wrote:

Waxy skin...

left the JPG OOC, in cam NR was set to -2, AWB...

right side ist the RAF, developed with LR5.3

The problem is the in cam JPG engine and its NR. It is not really possible to reduce or turn off the NR.

This is a better example because it shows it isn't just a skintone issue but an overall smoothing of jpegs. It is most noticeable in her hair.

This isn't uncommon across the board with camera manufacturers. Some camera companies are worse offenders than others (in particular I've dealt with this with Sony's) and you often can't turn it off completely. If you want to resolve as much detail as possible you NEED to work with RAWs at high ISOs.

I have the opposite problem with Olympus. You can't turn the sharpening off with jpegs...even at the lowest setting. If you don't want oversharpening you need to shoot RAW.

Here is my example I've posted on other threads that demonstrates why I shoot Fuji at NR -2 and S -2. I do wish there was a lower NR setting but I don't think it is terrible.

In my experience the XA-1 is the most aggressive of the Fuji's, with respect to NR.

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