Any current/former EM5 or EM1 owners considering a switch to XT-1?

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EM1 owner considering a switch to XT-1

This is a tough one for sure. I had the XE1, swapped it for an EM5, and then swapped that for the EM1. The EM5 controls were just too darn "fiddly". I have been incredibly happy with the EM1. For the first time since I sold my last DSLR I have a camera (and lenses) that I really love. I can throw the little 20mm on it and it will fit in my coat pocket. The 12-40 2.8 zoom is excellent, if a little unwieldy, and the 45mm is perfect (it's my preferred focal length @90mm equiv FOV). I love this camera and the wide selection of excellent prime and zoom lenses. So why would I consider the XT-1?

I remember the incredible JPEGS I used to get from the XE1. I got rid of the XE-1 partly because of poor autofocus, but mostly because of the ergonomics: handling, how a camera feels in my hands, is extremely important to me. So now I can get the best of both worlds. The ergonomics of the XT-1 look pretty good. It's barely a hair smaller/lighter than the EM1. With the Fuji 27mm it will fit in a coat pocket when I need it to. The 18-55 is about the same form factor as the Oly 12-40 2.8 (although it is slower.) So far so good. The problem is the upcoming 56mm Fujifilm lens. It's a beast! This is a much used focal length for me, and the 56mm will weigh in at about the same as the 18-55 zoom! I've been spoiled by the Oly 45mm. It's tiny and super lightweight and image quality is quite good.

I have preordered the XT-1, but I probably won't commit to keeping it until I've had a chance to try the 56mm. I may end up keeping both systems this time. I hate to give up the Oly IBIS, that compact 45mm, and the amazing Oly 75mm. But oh, those Fuji colors....

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