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Re: Who is at fault for the waxy skin tones?

Graham Hill wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

This is a greatly exaggerated issue,

In fact, your posted examples show exactly how real this issue is.

It does and it isn't bad, IMHO.  Look at the first photo.  Does it look waxy and fake to you?

IMHO, that only really becomes noticeable at ISO 6400.

uh...as everyone else has been saying.

Yes.  But how often do people take pictures at ISO 6400.  It compromises image quality for ALL cameras.  I just saw a great interview with Joel Grimes where he said he tries to stay below ISO 400.

It can be mitigated by setting NR to -2, Sharpness -2. Yes, I wish there was a lower NR number. Honestly, most people prefer the "waxy" look to what their real skin looks like.

Most people prefer waxy, fake looking skin? Now THAT is some serious spin.

Not a "spin" at all and note how I put "" around waxy because I don't agree skin looks like wax unless you move away from NR -2.

I have posted selfies to demonstrate how much settings make a difference and how it does not effect RAW's. Most professionals will shoot RAW at high ISO's so it is even less of an issue. I can remember when no one would consider trying to sell a picture shot at ISO 6400. Now we get pretty darn good results. Amazing, if you ask me.

Amazing if you like fake wax figures.

It is real simple.  If you hate the look don't buy the camera.  Hundreds of professionals disagree and buy Fuji products and give them glowing reviews.  Some people hate the green tones in Nikon's.  Hundreds of other professionals disagree and buy them anyway.  To each his own.

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