Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

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Re: Looking for a therapy group for pixel peepers

Great thread!!! I feel much better already!!!

Peeping got me to a Canon 6D, of which I have no regrets. I shoot often in indoor low light and can't use flash and the 6D is an excellent choice (I won't debate that there are other excellent choices - please accept that I acknowledge the 6D isn't the only camera in its price range that can do this).

But, I've been looking at compacts and mirrorless as the 6D simply isn't carried places I'd like to make higher quality photos. I pixel peep images from smaller sensor cameras and am just reminded of why I got the 6D in the first place. What is a girl to do??? STOP PIXEL PEEPING???

One thing I realized, as noted earlier in this thread, is the light makes a huge difference. Good light seems to lead to cleaner photos regardless of sensor size and bad light is only overcome (and even then only to an extent) by full frame or larger sensor cameras.

And there is a fine line, where small sensor cameras are concerned, between legitimate cropping and pixel peeping. It doesn't take much of a crop on a 12mp small sensor artificial light image to have it fall apart. This is not pixel peeping IMHO.


Again, thank you for this thread and. Believe not PPing is even more relevant where small sensor cameras are concerned.

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