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What a hilarious set of responses...

Truly, and every ounce of irony is missed by all but a few....

I love how some of the biggest nastiest posters here now gather together (as if that somehow gives them credibility) and dive into the "maturity barrel."

Too late. Df owners were attacked and belittled in thread after thread, often BEFORE I got involved in them. The remarks were as nasty as they were stupid.

Yesterday was the last straw. Some fellow posted a report that Nikon execs were happy with Df sales. Within 6 posts the Df was attacked for terrible AF (Like the terrible D610 AF) and being a "failure."

Ravduc, understandably frustrated, lashed out with a comment about jealousy and I support that comment.  Now I'm certain some of you can afford a Df on a whim, but MOST can't. Too bad and I'm sorry. I'm also sorry if the Df wasn't built for you. That doesn't mean it's okay to chase every Df thread when you don't own or understand the camera.

And so I explained this, rather lucidly I thought, to Rich. He seems like a reasonable fellow and has generally been clear with me. But for some reason he defended the repetitive negative thread bashing from a small group of haters. Or rather, he was intent on suggesting that it never happened or barely happened.

This is clearly a lie.

So, to make a point I started a thread on the D6XX. Heck, I really don't like it. I do think it's cheap and can't see the point of it. But I never said that here because I understand that it FITS for others and why rain on the parade? Now I've said it, liking pulling off a bandaid slowly...it hurts.

Note that the D6XX owners (who were the biggest offenders in the "Df wars") are now crying all the way home about my remarks.

"He's gone too far! He just wants attention! Don't feed the troll! He's really 57 other people and in a wheelchair!"

Sorry, folks. You got smacked down and treated like Pavlov's dogs. You deserved it and I'm far far far from the only one laughing. You should be ashamed to have posted the things you did about me, hipsters, people with too much money and all the other class-warfare nonsense that was hinted at or said straight out.

The best part is that my comments about the D6XX are essentially dispassionate and absolutely true. It is in fact the lowest end camera and incapable of hitting the heights of ANY performance criteria. The D800, D4 and Df all stand above it in this respect.

But what does that Mean????

Not very much, except to the TRULY insecure people here. Those are the ones so quick to call me paranoid and insecure or worse. Some even made nasty comments about my wife and child. Did they think they "won" in some respect with such behavior?

Have a great day! I know I am.


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