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It is a tool

so learn HOW to USE the tool. The camera is perfectly capable of putting out a file that is stunningly crisp.......even in Jpeg. They have parameters with which you can make adjustments. I suggest you try several different settings, one of which should include diminished noise reduction. Honestly I don't know what all the bellyaching is about. Most of you are likely going to either take the shot with the intention of putting it on the web in a tiny format, or at best make a 8x10 print (already the size above the national standard statistically speaking) so the kind of detail you are barking about isn't going to matter at all in the first place. Frankly Sony practically invented the "plasticky" look due to their excessive noise reduction that is in built and can't be completely turned off. I never had that issue with Nikon semi and pro stuff I've used. Canon gets lots of praise for their low noise performance, but people are not realizing it comes at the cost of detail as well. I was getting more fine detail resolution from a top Micro 4/3rd camera than a Canon 6D I tried so surprise surprise. No free lunches folks

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