How to Corrupt a Memory Card?

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Re: How to Corrupt a Memory Card?

rgolub wrote:

You corrupt a memory card by taking it to a bar.....

Why on earth are you doing this? You probably won't corrupt the image but you WILL lose it sooner or later. You will do an edit that you later discovered wasn't what you wanted. You will over write an important image.

Not my preference to do it that way, but...

I've rotated a PIC and hit save before, or cropped an image and saved it back to the card.

Mostly these are snaps that I may be sending to someone or posting to a forum for a tech question or something.  These are meant to be quick and dirty "snapshots", then attached to an email.  The biggest concern here is speed.  Therefore transferring to the PC requires more steps and deletes since some of these are rendered useless once they have been emailed or posted.  With the exception I may want to leave it on the card for a short period of time and delete later.

For instance, my wife needed a Document sent to here today.  I shot it and put the Card into a built in reader on my laptop, cropped, saved and emailed.  This save the step of transferring to the PC, cropping and deleting.

Not wanting workflow advice, I do real photos differently.  I just want to know if editing "Snapshots" and saving back to the card will kill the rest of the mages on the card.

I had a few cards go bad recently.  Cheap CF cards.  They got flaky enough I finally determined they should be tossed.  But before they were tossed I had been wondering if my editing was causing issues.

Real "Photographs" get pulled off the cards pretty quick to someplace with data redundancy.

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