Any news about FZ200 successor?

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Re: Any news about FZ200 successor?

Thanks to needmoretoys for pointing out several truths that are so often ignored.

My only question is: a few years ago, manufacturers sensibly realized that adding more pixels to 1/2.3in sensors was a losing proposition.  IQ suffered.  (The disastrous FZ100, which I owned and sent back, comes to mind.)  It has seemed that about 12MP was all you could fit on a 1/2.3in sensor and still get reasonable IQ.

Now, suddenly, even Panasonic (which had the good sense to drop back to 12MP with the excellent FZ150--which I own and love--and FZ200) is creating high (16 or more) MP superzooms.

I get the theory: if you want 50x or 60x, you need more pixels to retain a corresponding level of detail.

My question is: have they come up with new ways to suppress noise and increase efficiency of light collection to match the 25% increase in pixel count?  If 14MP didn't work out a few years ago, is it possible that 16MP works out now?

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