Conspiracy theorists unite

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Re: Conspiracy theorists unite

Conspiracy is the wrong word. I think people are rightfully upset, not because of brand bias but DPR seemingly being less interested in serious cameras.  They're putting more and more effort into covering every entry level, point and shoot, camera phone, go pro release, and getting slower and slower with the high end of the market.  Are there really people who come here on a regular basis and get exited about the latest entry level camera?

There are also factors out of their hands, like Sony's barrage of camera releases. The market has sped up considerably and that requires DPR to make choices about what they focus on. They could hire more reviewers but that is also likely to be a mistake as everyone predicts the camera market to slow back down in the near term.

That aside I think its ridiculous to berate people for being upset about being ignored.  Clearly those people are already upset. Let them vent and go on about your business instead of riling them up further. Its not as if DPR really needs anyone here to defend them. They know they can't please everyone all the time, so I've no doubt they take the criticism in stride knowing they're just as likely to be praised tomorrow as reviled today.

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