Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

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Re: Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

Marco1971 wrote:

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Marco1971 wrote:

Here it is.

57LowRider wrote:

Marco1971 wrote:

For the 23, 1/(23 + 35) = 1/58, so I use 1/60 as a minimum and that's fine - as your JPG shows. The real mystery you have is why the default output from RAW is not sharp - what are you using to post-process?


Do you use the defaults on import? (Sharpening amount 25, Radius 1.0)


Could you show us the Samsung camera shot exported at LR5 defaults? Just want to look at the sharpness compared to the earlier JPG (which was OOC?).

There are places where that's really in focus and sharp, but maybe not the places you intended?

Sorry this is the correct one:

That's actually not bad; the script on the front of the lens is better lit and looks sharper than the "Samsung" on the barrel.  Pushing it up 0.33 and setting the sharpening amount to 40 would likely clean it up nicely.

The shot itself might well have benefitted from spot metering and have saved you from pushing the exposure up.

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