Decisions, Decisions: 10-24mm zoom or 14mm prime

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Re: Decisions, Decisions: 10-24mm zoom or 14mm prime

Buy what you need, but don't buy something just because it is on sale and may not get enough use to justify it. IMO a rainy day or just in case purchase is not the best idea.

If the lens cost $900 whatever it normally does would you still buy this lens. If not, you do not really need it based on what you shoot.

IMO, many get obsessed with a couple hundred dollars savings when you have a system that costs as much as a Full Frame DSLR but the time you get done with a few lenses. I think the reasoning should be different, unless one has money to burn and does not care about re-sale value if you need to sell the lens later.

I would think if you were going on vacation tomorrow what you would take and what would stay home. The Prime is smaller and less weight than a zoom, but the zoom is more versatile.

The one stop difference on a wide angle lens does not matter. Your not getting a shallow DOF with a wide angle lens unless your very close to the subject wide open and even then 90% of the time one never shoot everything thing at max aperture.

List at least 5 to 10 things/subject matter you shoot with a given lens and you will see that 18-55 or 23 or 35 prime get most use for most everything. A zoom lens being faster to compose the shot. I think the 10-24 is worth a look and if you sell the 14 mm to help pay for the 10-24 you are not getting $700 for a used 14 mm, maybe $400. I see it as redundancy and buying a lens twice if the lens is just to hold you over type purchase.

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