D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

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Re: D800E UK - do I need the latest production run?

lampman wrote:

Thanks Dr Bob,

Glad to hear that you didn't have a problem, I haven't heard from anyone who has which is a very good sign.

I have never had a problem with anything I have bought from my local dealer who is in Salisbury, so never really put them to the test, but in every other way they have been great.

As mentioned to another respondent, they were over three hundred pounds cheaper than the East Anglian on line dealer I think you may have been referring to when I bought the 80-400mm AF-S recently and they have done me a number of favours.

Incidentally I have looked at your website on a number of occasions and been very impressed, although I can;t see any D800E images on there yet.

Where the information shows 400mm f5.7, is that the 8-400mm AF-S?,

What do you think of the D800E for wildlife use, have you used it with the 80-400mm?

many thanks


Graham, sorry I didnt pick up this post until just now. You asked about D800E images on my web site. Almost all of the bird images are done with the new 80-400AFs. All dated prior to 13th Jan are with the D600. After that they are 800E. There will be a number added now using the 500mm F4. Have a look at a few shots where I think the D800E excels.


This first one is a Med Gull. Taken at quite a range - circa - 60ft, so cropped very hard but still delivering a good shot for the web (not a big print). The resolution lets you crop more than my D600.


The second, a blackheaded gull - Outstanding sharpness with the 80-400 (well the full size image is!) along with fast AF for BIF, although this one was going cross frame.


Third, another BIF. This time a very fast moving bird just taken off and the combo picked up the focus very fast, before it was flying away from me. It is important to get the shots before the head turns away too much so the speed you can get the AF on the bird is vital.


Fourth, the common blackbird. A very boring bird but this was shot in very poor light and so is ISO 6400. Again good enough for the web although probably would struggle printing large.


The last one is one of my gull shots - I'm trying to collect all the Western European Gulls in all their different plumages (ages/seasons). An 'easy' shot and one where the combo should produce the goods. Shame the canada goose in the backgroud didnt oblige!

Yes, the D800E has to be one of the best bodies for wildlife and the 80-400AFs has to be one of the best choices for walkabout handheld shooting (all the above were handheld), but at a price. You are not going to get much better without spending a lot of money on a big prime. The D800E is an improvement over my D600 - maybe 10% better in reach (ie increased croppability) - gut feel only - although I found the AF accuracy on the D600 slightly better for BIF - but that is probably me needing to sort out the AF settings which I think behave differently on the D800E. It is still very fast though. Get yourself the D800E. You will not be disappointed.

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