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Re: mountain landscape example.

JLTaylor wrote:

Anders W wrote:

You can of course reproject UWA images and get exactly the same result as you would when shooting with a more narrow AoV and then stitching. Below is an example shot with the 7-14 at 7 mm that was reprojected from rectilinear to Panini by means of Hugin.

Hi Anders,

I didn't intend to imply that you couldn't change the projection of a single shot, but I guess I did.

I frequently use Panini projections from fisheye shots, but don't think I have ever done it to a single rectilinear frame. I tend to think of it a straightening vertical lines. I did a quick test with my example and it isn't bad. Still won't carry a UWA for mountain landscapes, and for most landscapes I would rather start with a fisheye (close in formations like Arches).

I often take a wide rectilinear if I am traveling in cities.

Hi JL,

I use Panini to (partly) defish fisheye shots as well. But my point here is that you can also "refish" ordinary UWA shots by means of Panini and get rid of the kind of distortion you get with a rectilinear UWA. The type of distortion you start out with is entirely different (bent lines in the case of the fisheye, excessive stretching in the case of the rectilinear UWA) but the end result the same except that the AoV is different (still wider for the FE than for the UWA).

Of course, Panini isn't distortion-free either. There is no such thing. We just replace one type of distortion by another. But that works surprisingly well in many cases. It's just a matter of finding the type of distortion that bothers the eye least for a particular shot.

Personally, I tend to carry my (Samyang) fisheye as well as my 7-14 most of the time. Unless I specifically want the fisheye distortion (as I sometimes do), the difference is just the AoV and I like a bit of versatility in that regard on the WA side just as I do on the tele side.

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