Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

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Re: Remeber, Sharpness is not everything !

leopold, I totally agree with your statement and reasons, also with all others who have contributed to this. My take on people who worry at the sharpness of their lens today is that they are too influenced by their "modern" TELEVISION. Let me explain. A lot of "new" photographers today were not bought up on film. They se the world through their flat screened HD "whatever"  be it television or computer. And rightly so the progression in electronic devices has enhanced the home viewing to such a degree that the "perfection" seen is taken by some as the norm and that outside their living room the world should be like that. I was bought up on film from the early seventies and have not had a television for twenty years (the devils pictures). Could you imagine if your eyesight was seeing that "electronic" degree of sharpness all the time in all circumstances , you would have such a headache life would be unbearable. All I ask for in a photo is to be in focus where I want it to be, to be as natural as I saw it at the time and to represent the scene as to be understood. One of my favourite lenses is the Voigtlander 24 F4 Snapshot Skopar, I use it on a Fuji XE2 (manually obviously) not the sharpest or fastest in the world of lenses but the joy it brings in results. My Sigma Art 35 f1.4 on my Pentax K3, thats the other end of the spectrum, its joy is in the clarity it gives, the sharpness has to be treated with respect and used accordingly.


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