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Re: Memes and Trolling

Graham Hill wrote:

gskolenda wrote:

flbrit wrote:

Just be careful forum. It starts off as fun then gains traction and can do damage.

Not saying some 'facts' exist but the framing of the discussion and continual misrepresentation will damage the brand.


It's our job to differentiate the facts, stated in any Review, Public Forum, or Blog. If you start to control what you want said, then the freedom of expression will be tainted. Not good, leave well enough alone and let us as members or frequent guests sort out the facts.

When I find a place that I converse in and it's controlled or there are too many Forum Nazi'z, I'm pretty much done with it because now it's lost it's freedom of speech and trust.

Best post I've read in a LOOOOONG time.

I agree, but he might find this place unsuitable in the long run.

I was asked by a DPR staff member to PM my findings and opinion on the new XT1 because they knew my opinions would be unbiased and straight forward. When I asked, why in a PM, why not post them on the forum? The answer I got came down to their expectation of people's reaction to unbiased criticism in this forum, what it leads to, and how they would like to see me stay out of this sort of trouble.

Bottom line, anything negative tends to be jumped on, and if you dare fight off the trolls, well, they have an inside guy...

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A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. - Sir Winston Churchill

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