How to Corrupt a Memory Card?

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Re: How to Corrupt a Memory Card?

LesGarten wrote:

I hace sometimes edited a Photo(jpg) and saved it back to the SD card. Will moving things onto and off the card from the PC corrupt the card data?

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You corrupt a memory card by taking it to a bar.....

Why on earth are you doing this?  You probably won't corrupt the image but you WILL lose it sooner or later.  You will do an edit that you later discovered wasn't what you wanted.  You will over write an important image.

Your work flow should be something along the line of:

- take picture

- take card out of camera, put it in reader

- download card contents, LOOK at card contents, make sure that you got everything.

- put card in camera, do in camera format

- tag your pictures, copy them to your storage area, copy them to your backup area

- edit your pictures and SAVE IT UNDER A  DIFFERENT NAME to keep the original intact.  Even in you screw up at this stage, you still have the original image in your backup.

Always have at least two copies of your image, each on separate media, at all times.

Then you don't worry if your SD card turns out to be a drunken lout.

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