7-14mm for travel?

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Re: mountain landscape example.

Anders W wrote:

You can of course reproject UWA images and get exactly the same result as you would when shooting with a more narrow AoV and then stitching. Below is an example shot with the 7-14 at 7 mm that was reprojected from rectilinear to Panini by means of Hugin.

Hi Anders,

I didn't intend to imply that you couldn't change the projection of a single shot, but I guess I did.

I frequently use Panini projections from fisheye shots, but don't think I have ever done it to a single rectilinear frame.  I tend to think of it a straightening vertical lines.   I did a quick test with my example and it isn't bad. Still won't carry a UWA for mountain landscapes, and for most landscapes I would rather start with a fisheye (close in formations like Arches).

I often take a wide rectilinear if I am traveling in cities.

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