I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Re: I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

There are some that believe the A77 is perfect for them, and for them it never needs to be replaced until it breaks. I have heard this so much on this forum, but if Sony follows the crowd here and were to operate like that and not release updated A-mount cameras in a timely manner, what do you think will happen?

I can tell you, they will continue to be a distant 3rd to CanNikon and may one day disappear all together.

Companies, must respond to their customers and the market. We cannot be smug about it. It's like saying I have my Iphone 3 or Samsung S2 and I won't replace it till it breaks. Well guess what, Apple and Samsung would never make money or innovate if all customers were like that.

So many threads appear in this forum among Sony users, looking for a replacement and you think Sony should ignore them? If there is discontent among Sony users, how do you expect Sony to win over Canon/Nikon users?

We also have threads appearing about those that say they can no longer wait for an A77/A57 replacement and are moving to E-mount/Canon or Nikon, should Sony ignore those users too?

For those that have A-mount and hope to see it continue, and even have a glimmer of hope that Sony will one day surpass Canon/Nikon, Sony needs to release an A77/A57 replacement that is a substantial upgrade in 2014.

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