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Re: Lovely series, and nice action shot!

J4Hug wrote:

Thanks Erich

Yes I used the Live time image buildup it was my first foray with that ...... and I used my finger rather than a release too - and had IS on when on a tripod - so broke all the rules! In fact I'm not very good following any rules -

That's why I very quickly got out of "professional" photography.  You have to follow the rules to deliver a "consistent product", especially when there's an art director or photography editor or....(stayed away from that!) potential Bridezilla involved, especially when you are starting out.

I have consistently used f14 - particularly when I don't have ND filters available... thankfully now there is an ISO100 equivalent.

It is something of a revelation to note that the expectedly dire diffraction effects don't seem to be raising their ugly heads, at least to any degree that significantly degrades your beautiful images. It suggests a whole new range of possibilities of extreme depth-of-field photographyn - which you effectively illustrate - as well as more exposure flexible exposure

The one area with the OMD I am disappointed with was generating star trails ... to be experimented with!

You may want to take that over to the astrophoto site.  As a longtime amateur astronomer, star trails were never my taste (guess that one gets too addicted to trying to get sharp images),b yt I'm sure that there are real experts at the art there.

I had not used Live Time before but found this a useful trigger (amongst quite a lot of other information)

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Thank you.  Will watch it - carefully - in english...and the german version as well.

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