7-14mm for travel?

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Re: mountain landscape example.

JLTaylor wrote:

A few years I carried a 7-14 on a favorite hike (Ingalls Lake in the Cascades) and took the same scene at 7mm and at 14 and stitched.


Same time/location stitched version.

I am not a big fan of UWA for landscapes (exception is if you are going for large DOF). In the upper photo the clouds and larches seemed stretched in the corners. In this case Mount Stuart is very close to Ingalls pass, but UWA's can easily make molehills out of mountains.

The stitched version looks more natural, even though it is much wider. Another advantage of shooting panoramas is you can use different projections.

To show why the UWA stretches the corners I mapped stitched version using rectilinear projection and did not crop.

You can of course reproject UWA images and get exactly the same result as you would when shooting with a more narrow AoV and then stitching. Below is an example shot with the 7-14 at 7 mm that was reprojected from rectilinear to Panini by means of Hugin.

Original 7 mm rectilinear projection

After reprojection to Panini

Of course, stitching remains a perfectly valid technique for the purpose of gaining increased resolution or an even wider final AoV. But it's not required to get the projection you want.

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