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Re: One low-end Pen makes more sense to me...

sebiruns wrote:

The E-P5 was never intended to sell in droves. Just like the E-M1 is not the biggest seller and never can be. Both cameras are too expensive as they are. Yet I believe most of you are proving one thing. When designing the E-P5 Olympus underestimated the shift in user taste. The first two Pens were selling pretty good and they were not nearly as capable as the E-P5. The E-P3 already sold not as much as expected and Olympus probably thought it was due to the lack of customization and the old imaging sensor. Truth seems people are just not into rangefinder style cameras anymore. Sonys sales numbers drop. Fuji is not gaining ground and feels the need to produce something DSLR-like. And Panasonics GX7 that gets so much praise was discounted almost instantly and isn't selling like hotcakes either - even with its viewfinder. The E-M5 was a big hit meanwhile and for its price the E-M1 is doing great, too.
So maybe it makes sense to trim down the pen line to two or even just one model. A little sad. The E-P1 kicked off the whole retro-style trend. But business is business, I guess. Slapping an evf in the E-P7 will not magically make ot a hit.

I think you are spot on with this. Outside of Japan and certain other Asian markets, the consumer trend seems to be "if it doesn't look like an SLR, it can't be a serious camera". Educating the customer that cameras that don't have a VF hump can be serious seems to have failed. So I think Olympus is going to concentrate on the OM-D range in North America and Europe (the Blunty & Terada interview was a big garbled as you'd expect, but I thought he said they would be sticking with having 3 models of OM-D).

They may continue to make 3 models of PEN, but only sell all 3 in Japan.

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