D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Ray stop………

Ray Sachs wrote:

JF69 wrote:

Shotcents wrote:


How out of touch can you be?

The masses don't buy 2000 dollar camera bodies and 5K worth of glass.

The D610 is the lowest end of the high end.

I own more than 5K of lenses, & have a FF Nikon in my sights; most probably the D610 (with the Dƒ a distant second till now).

How does that make him wrong? If you own more than 5K worth of lenses, I'd submit that YOU'RE not the masses either. It is the relative entry level of the highest level of camera that most of the ELITE will ever consider (full frame 35mm). Yeah, there are a few, mostly pros, who will buy the occasional medium format, but if you're buying full frame, you're not the masses, almost by definition...

……making my decision process more difficult, your great work with the Dƒ is not making it any easier

(Thanks for putting your perspective into this thread)

I haven't made the leap for a D610 or Dƒ yet because in my line of work great SOOC JPEGs with great skintones under a wide variety of lighting conditions is a must.

Studio/portrait work is also part of the equation, & portability is a big factor, otherwise I would've already sprung for a D800e by now. The Fuji S bodies I use already give me all that, icluding JPEGs with amazing tonality & tone curve SOOC;
except FF, rez (much less important than one thinks) & modern DSLRs' high ISO capability.

Your excellent work posted here got me thinking about the Dƒ too, even though I would love to have the U1 & U2 settings & a bit more rez (MP are much less important than many would think in my job).

If you would like to give me feedback re. JPEG output of any of these 2 cameras, or how much if any PP was done (eg to this image of yours or this, or any image preferably with people) I would appreciate if you so wish.

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