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Re: From Canon to Nikon

HarveyMiami wrote:

Have you gone from using Canon(7D or) to Nikon D600 or D800.

What are your feeling about sharpness? Do you still use unsharp mask?

Or is it not necessary?

On camera flash, is it more accurate?

Any other thoughts. I am thinking of going from the 7D to the D600 or D800

I don't have 7D or D600 but D800E, 1DS2, 1DS3 and 1D2, since I shoot raw only so I do need to apply sharpening in PP, as for on-board flash, to me it's just as useless as any camera with built in flash, I taped mine so it doesn't pop up, (pop up flash has been a pain for me on all cameras I had before),  I have multiple Canon EX and Nikon SB- external flash if I need to use flash, other thought about the move, first thing come to mind is you gain huge in terms of DR and shadow performance, you are comparing a so-so 18MP crop sensor with crappy DR to a 36MP FF sensor with much much improved DR, and you will have 36MP of great pixel to play with, you do lose a lot of speed though, D800 is a slow camera compare to your 7D. I used my D800E for landscape shooting exclusively, for sport, I rather go back to my 10 year old 1D2 for its focusing system and over speed and responsiveness, and for event or portrait, I prefer my 1DS2 and 1DS3. That's not to say you can't shoot landscape with a 7D or shoot sports with a D800E, it's just not the strong point of that particular camera and there is better tools for that particular job.

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