Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

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Re: Minimum shutterspeed Fuji 23mm lens

Marco1971 wrote:

What's the minimum shutterspeed for the 23mm Fuji prime to take pictures without blur ? (handheld).

Today i tried this lens on a X-E1 but with a shutterspeed of 1/60 with 1,4 apterture at iso200 but it was not possible to take a picture without blur (indoor shooting handheld).

Blur is a lot more noticeable on a 16MP camera than it would be on most 35mm film, especially since noone ever looked at 100% screen files (30" prints).

The 1/FL rule is totally inadequate for most people. For one thing APSC means the FL is effectively 1.5X greater, and secondly the rule was invented for 12" prints.

My baseline (minimum) is 1/2FL, which still takes a fair amount of good technique, but this does not necessarily translate equally to all focal lengths. Light cameras tend to be harder to control as well (less intertia) and still may not be critically sharp at 100%.

Generally I use 1/50 as a minimum for the 14, 1/100 as a minimum for the 23 and 35, and 1/200 for everything else, simply because it seems to work. But I still have to be VERY careful when hand-holding. However the Fuji is usable enough up to ISO1600 for this not to be a problem.

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