That 56/1.2 is tempting...

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Re: That 56/1.2 is tempting...

marco1974 wrote:

taz98spin wrote:

marco1974 wrote:

taz98spin wrote:

Yes, for portrait sessions, the 60/2.4 lens is my go to lens.

However, most of the images are too sharp, requiring time & effort to smooth out the model's skin in PP.

That's why I'm excited for this lens!

As long as I can get their eyes in focus, I'll be set!

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So you're expecting the 56/1.2 to be less sharp at the same apertures?

Or do you want that special f/1.2 close-up look where only the eyes are in focus and the rest of the face is blurred? I'm personally not so sure about that, I find it a bit 'cliché'.

To me, the main attraction of the 56 would be the ability to shoot hand-held in even darker conditions (jazz clubs, etc.). That, and the ability to separate the subject even more from the background when shooting full body portraits.


Yes, that is what I want. Why buy a 1.2 lens and not use it wide open?!

& yes, it might be cliché as you put it, but what modeling portrait isn't?

Similar poses, just different looking beautiful people

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Sure, it's just down to personal taste I guess. Not that I find that look ugly or anything, it's just that I wouldn't particularly choose to go for it very often, that's all.

Oh, and you have some very nice photos on your website!



Thanks for checking my site out!

Yes, some people aren't fan of that look, but my clients and I enjoy it.

I have a Voigtlander 50/1.1 lens that I use quiet often too.

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