That 56/1.2 is tempting...

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Re: That 56/1.2 is tempting...

marco1974 wrote:

taz98spin wrote:

Yes, for portrait sessions, the 60/2.4 lens is my go to lens.

However, most of the images are too sharp, requiring time & effort to smooth out the model's skin in PP.

That's why I'm excited for this lens!

As long as I can get their eyes in focus, I'll be set!

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So you're expecting the 56/1.2 to be less sharp at the same apertures?

Or do you want that special f/1.2 close-up look where only the eyes are in focus and the rest of the face is blurred? I'm personally not so sure about that, I find it a bit 'cliché'.

To me, the main attraction of the 56 would be the ability to shoot hand-held in even darker conditions (jazz clubs, etc.). That, and the ability to separate the subject even more from the background when shooting full body portraits.


Yes, that is what I want. Why buy a 1.2 lens and not use it wide open?!

& yes, it might be cliché as you put it, but what modeling portrait isn't?

Similar poses, just different looking beautiful people

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