I need inputs regarding landscape photography shooting and PP

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I need inputs regarding landscape photography shooting and PP

Hello there,

I made a mistake of selling off my 550d last year as i wanted something lighter. I currently have a combo of Hx20v and SX50 . However, i can see that these cameras are a compromise for landscape shots especially in low light ( sunset shots) as i really miss the manual focus, multifocus points and burst rate . My technique to process landscape shots is like this

1. I mostly use the In built HDR function with steady hands . I have to take 2-3 pics to get a decently sharp one. Sometimes i also take a "normal" pic in P mode with low iso to get a silhouette pic.

2. I apply nik color efex pro 4- Mostly use Graduated ND filter- to enrich the colors in the sky and brighten the foreground, detail extractor- this really works wonders in some pics and brilliance/warmth .

3. Selective sharpening using sharpening brush

I like the below images i have gotten using this technique.






My question to you guys is.

(i) I am absolutely confused about which next high quality camera to purchase. I am torn between fixed lens cameras( Ricoh GR, DP2) , M4/3 ( X-e1, epl5) or return to 550d+ high quality lens like 10-22. The canon has an advantage in that i eventually plan on owning a 400/5.6 for bird photography. This is something that i will figure out myself eventually, but i would love to hear ur inputs regarding this as well

(ii) How do you ensure your shot is sharp across the frame and from foreground to background. As i understand , at low apertures i.e. f22, the shot is sharp throughout. Are you able to shoot throughout sharp pics using just kit lens ( x-e1 and epl5). I am given to understand that since Gr and Dp2 are basically amazing lenses tailor made, they will have no problems in sharpness across the frame

(iii) Where do you focus? I have read that you should focus at hyperfocal distance i.e. 1/3 of the image part. But in reality, does everyone follow this technique?. Has anyone bent this rule to get great landscape shots?

(iv) Do you use a tripod always? Is tripod a must for great,sharp landscape shots? It must be cumbersome to bring a heavy tripod wherever you go. Does anyone here avoid tripods and yet attain great shots?

Sorry for using the words- great , sharp repetitively. My question basically is how to attain ultimate image quality for landscape and the best technique for doing that without a tripod. Since i will be investing in a system for atleast 3 years, i want to make the best choice.

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