Tell Me About Your Stupid Mistakes

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Re: Tell Me About Your Stupid Mistakes

That's an easy one, not really stupid.

My dumb ones go way back.   Missing a whole day of vacation shots in Colorado because I didn't get the film properly threaded onto the spool in my N90s.  (Hey!  Why is my camera going to shot 37?)

Not zipping my backpack up before pulling it out of the car onto my back.   Note: That crunching sound as your D200 with grip hits the concrete is bad, but watching the 80-200 hit the driveway and roll under the car tied it.

Rolling my chair across the office, I managed to hook the strap from my D300 and pull it to the ground, with 18-200vr attached.  18-200 needed to be repaired by Nikon as it wouldn't manually focus from 135-200mm, plus filter ring dented.

Got so excited when I came to an owl nest and saw two chicks had left the nest and were posing nicely for me that I forgot I hadn't reset the camera since shooting late in the evening the night before.   Consequently, I took the following (and a bunch of other) shots of the owls at ISO 2000 on my D300:

It's not bad for ISO 2000, but I could have been shooting at ISO 200...

I shot for about half a day in Venice last fall with spot metering set on my D800e without realizing it. (Another consequence of failing to reset camera from night-before shooting).   Kept wondering why the exposure was so whacked-up for a bunch of shots, yet normal for the others.

As least I no longer double-expose a roll of film by accidentally reusing it.  (Got in the habit of rolling the leaders inside the cartridges when I removed a roll of film from the camera so I couldn't screw it up again.)

Once took a motorcycle tour through Europe, parked the bike at the end of the day and headed off for a beer.   Left the camera with all the day's shots lying on the seat of the bike.   It was gone when I came back.

My wife would probably suggest that I screw up every time I don't have a superzoom mounted as 'You never have the right lens on the camera when you need it!'...

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