I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Re: I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

tbcass wrote:

But the referenced cameras are excellent, far from bad.

Look at the picture, not the pixels
Miss use of the ability to do 100% pixel peeping is the bane of digital photography because it causes people to fret over inconsequential issues.


I agree hence I said "bad". My argument applies to any camera brand canikon shouldn't sit on thier butts either while sony takes over the world with mirrorless AF (they may not just giving an example). Just saying it should be a proactive market, someone saying there is no need for replacement as the competition is equally good (or bad/worst!) is a bad argument IMO. Good thing companies especially sony doesn't follow this philosophy.

If the other camera brands haven't caught up (according to OP, not my words) then its more of a reason sony should be proactive and increase that gap to break the duopoly. Instead if they just stay silent and wait for canikon to catch up, do you really think that makes good business sense?

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