7-14mm for travel?

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Re: 7-14mm for travel?

zilver wrote:

Thanks all for the great replies.

I guess it's still divided answer on whether the 14mm end can actually take family shots with the background view when traveling.

I tried the 9-18mm and not really happy with the sharpness so I returned it too quickly without actually testing out the focal length uses, mistake!

The 9-18mm is on par with other m43 lenses I’ve used. Sorry to disappoint everyone, but the m43 system is not the most optically perfect out there. I only discovered real sharpness after buying a Ricoh GR.

The 7-14 is probably going to perform worse on an Olympus camera than the 9-18mm, because although it may be a bit sharper, it has a lot more purple fringing plus weird issues with purple flare. So I hope you intend to use it only on Panasonic cameras.

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