I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

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Re: I don't think the A77 needs to be replaced this year, here is why.

Dennis wrote:

dlkeller wrote:

Does it really? Yes, I read the press release, but also know they are often overly inflated and optimistic. I would wait until the camera is actually out and has been thoroughly tested before being so certain of these claims.

Yes, I've read that repeatedly, too. The fastest AF claim is based on the 16-50 kit lens, and while there have been a couple impressive videos out, I'd want to know that it can track athletes, not moving across the frame, but being tracked by the photographer as they move closer/farther. Hockey players, ski jumpers, etc. Maybe it can, and maybe the technology really is ready to replace SLT (and then to sell lots of sensor to Nikon) but right now the early claims about the a6000 are just hopeful; not convincing just yet. In the A6000, people are comparing it to the NEX-6 and other CSCs. In an Alpha body, people will be comparing it to competing DSLRs.

For me, the AF performance of the A6000 will probably be good enough. I'm tracking kids running around mostly. And I need good video. That, plus good quality indoor photos without flash. And then bonus are adapters opening up some new doors.

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