D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

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Re: D600 / D610 - A camera for the masses

Shotcents wrote:

It's funny, but if you actually look you will find that I never called anyone names or said anything mean-spirited about cameras or the people who used them, until they did!

You are right. You didn't call anyone names, from what I've read. However the point of your exercise on your other thread, was designed to be an insult. You have some neurotic need to defend your position at all costs. I've also read a number of posts about "that other camera," including your beginning posts, before the Df was released. Obviously, you had made the decision to buy this camera back then. But when some weren't so quick to agree with you, you attacked them as being jealous, as being trolls, as being economically motivated to not like the Df. The last one is true. I, for one, wasn't going to spend $2750 on a camera, that my already owned D600 did at $2100, and did it better.

Ahhh, the old "he started it" bit! Sadly it's true.

The attacks on a certain camera and the folks who bought them have been constant here. It did not start with me. The previous group of Df threads were started by others. Before I entered any of them the attacks began. Check for yourself.

I believe you did start it. From what I have read you were first one to question the motives of those who didn't fall in love with the Df. You pay lip service to "each his own" but your incessant personal attacks on those who don't agree with you belies how you really feel. If you question the motives Robert, we are talking about cameras here. As important as they are to us, is it really worth alienating those who disagree with our choices, by attacking their motives? Defend your choices? Absolutely! But defend the product; don't attach some personal agenda to your critics. If you are a good photographer, and I believe you have some talent, what do you care what others say about your tools. They are not attacking you. They are criticizing the tool as far as their needs are concerned. The attacks you have suffered have been brought on by you, because you take it personally.

Now that I've bloodied the nose of the D610, many are crying FOUL! Hey, you can't put down MY purchase, but I can put down yours!

You've bloodied nothing. In fact, you just proved my point. You are basically saying that criticizing the camera, one is attacking the user. That's absurd. All you really want is validation of your decision. When its not forthcoming, you take it personally.   The camera does not make the man; the man makes the camera. For some of us, the camera, while important, is secondary to the art. I aspire to be a better photographer, not to be a proud owner, although I am proud to own the equipment I have. You don't like my tool, fine, get your own.  Criticism of a tool is just that. As far as I can tell, and I intend to investigate that further, the Df is not a tool that I need.

I don't think the D600/610 is junk, but I do think it's a lousy value compared to a D800. And once you buy a D800, A Df adds more capability to a kit than a D610.

But by inference you are saying the D6xx is not a lousy value when compared to the Df. OK

I understand your logic. You are saying spend $5400 on two cameras, when I can have most of what both cameras (Df, D800) have for $2000 (D6xx). Makes sense to me, LOL;-)



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