Central Park Photography rules

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Basically what everyone else said...

I live in NYC for almost my entire life and I've gone to CP a few times with my cameras (usually my Canon 5D). Never had any issues, just keep these things in mind (and this echoes what some have already said):

  • Don't set up in the middle of a walkway or street. If you must, then look around first, let people pass by if there are any people, then take your shot quickly.
  • Watch out for where you can or cant stand. This is especially true in the winter months as certain grass areas are closed off I believe.
  • Related to the previous point: don't accidentally destroy any flora when you're stepping off the walkway to take pictures.
  • I wouldn't go into CP alone with expensive equipment after dark. Tourists are easy to spot and easy targets. There's no way to hide that you're a tourist. NYC has also had issues with cellphone thefts ("apple picking"), but its not a problem as long as you're aware of your surroundings.
  • NYC is pretty safe in general, most thefts I've heard of are really thefts of opportunity. I.e. if the thief can quickly snatch something (phone..) and run off, they might do that but they wont come up to you with a weapon and mug you lol.
  • Practice common sense. Most of the above is really just common sense.
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