Central Park Photography rules

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March dreary, April better

April would be a better bet: signs of green, warmer weather, more people.

In mid March, the Park will look a bit bleak, particularly if the day is cloudy.  Baring a major rise in temperatures, traces of snow may persist, and look dirty. The roads may be gritty with sand or litter released by snowmelt.  Unless you spot a crocus or snow flower somewhere, there won't be much pretty vegetation.  Heavy congregations of ducks or geese in the scant open water spaces may cause ponds, or streams to look (ugh) unpleasant.  Beware of hypothermia or typhoid if you jump in.

Don't expect any prize photo ops, but bleak backgrounds for portraits or selfies may work well.

You do NOT want to lug extensive camera gear into museums, where you may end up spending a fair portion of your visit, so travel light.  Some museums or galleries are extremely restrictive about cameras, but blasé or resigned to the ubiquitous use of phone cameras.

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