7-14mm for travel?

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Re: 7-14mm for travel?

zilver wrote:

I've been interested in wide angle lately but never really tried shots wider than 12mm (24mm FOV) with the 12-35mm.

The review seems to agree that the Pana 7-14mm F4 is a very good wide angle zoom.

I'm going to the mountains and thinking I want to explore wider lens, just need to ask that if I take only one lens can the 7-14 be a walk around lens for landscape and family shots, can I at least take nice shots of family member with background of the view at long end of the zoom or it's not really practical?


It will be fine, 28mm equivalent is great for environmental portraits. The 7-14 is one of the best lenses m43 has to offer in my opinion. Sharp at every focal length corner to corner from wide open to f8. After f8 diffraction starts to affect sharpness but that happens with all m43 lenses. The unique perspective you get at 7mm can't be replicated by stitching and you can create some amazing shots if you get it right. I would take the oly 45mm f1.8 to complement it though just in case you want some closer people shots.

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